We provide absolute comfort

Discover a new dimension od sleep

We brings ultimate sleep and relaxation to every bed; premium bedding made of cotton sateen and percale, woven from long fibers of the highest quality cotton and hand-sewn blankets made of 100% down. Personalized embroidery for the most delicate final touch.

Terezie, the founder of MARIELI.

We work together with hotels, architects and designers.

For questions, individual offers, suggestions, please write to Alena at: alena@marieli.com

We will deliver goods anywhere in Europe.


Be a part of something big with us Although we're experts in bedding, we are trying not to sleep through these exciting times, so we're currently recruiting partners. That is to say, business minded ones, who like our idea, our products, you, who will help us build our brand and we in turn yours.

However, all of us in life are advised to devote sufficient time to our choices so make sure you make the right one. After all, then you can wake up side by side next to yourself for the rest of your life....



“On average, people spend 8 hours per day in bed, a third of our life. Our brand brings absolute comfort and clean design to every bedroom. We aim to be the equivalent of quality and beautiful bed linen,”